Thursday, October 25, 2012

Peace Is Abundant Images 21-25

The images are on 30x40" canvas on a 3/4" stretcher bar. To see all of the images on one page visit Click on the Peace Is Abundant link. Twenty-One: “What you want already exists” Again, quantum physics. It is not a surprise its trickled into my expression as an artist. My friend has a bumper sticker which reads, “It is the freaky people who change the world.” Its possible this includes me!
Twenty-two: “Time to let go” This image is an incomplete composition. An image in process. It is a reminder about our muse or metamorphic guidance. If you notice my muse (my father who recently passed two weeks prior to the image being made) visited and then showed up in my ink expression in the upper left corner. It took me two weeks to understand why I couldn’t find a way to complete the composition. My muse is with me in physical form and when I know how to complete the composition I will be at a different stage in my art and my life.NFS
Twenty-three: “Energy Exchange=Growth” It shows a small foothold on the earth, however, it reaches up and branches out. The floating seed is a reminder about the beginning. We start somewhere and keep going until we take root. Also, like these plants we need to trust our footing, no matter how slight.
Twenty-four: “Through Towertown” This was formed by placing ink and working it with a ribbed water bottle. I was surprised to find, this composition turned out like a painting of a European hillside. It feels French to me but if not I suspect it could be San Gimignano, Italy. “The town of fine towers.” And my mom says kind of funny toilets but there’s no potty talk in this catalog so I’m done.
Twenty-five: “Outside of the you, you ‘know’ “ This also was created using a water bottle. The bottom of the bottle was used to make the circular form. It looks like an ocean. I also see it could be the layering to reach something. The base could be solid or not. This is a constant metaphor in the human experience. We need to release the how and remember the answer is always in the contrast. When we listen to ourselves and follow our inner guidance we get to know the ‘us’ we truly are.
Please email me at to get pricing on for the images. The canvases can be shipped for an extra charge in the United States and Internationally. Thanks, Amy

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