Thursday, October 23, 2008

Three coins in the fountain

I feel guilt about being a cat heavy blog. Here's a side view, yes, she's a biggin!

I've been lacking creativity. Let's be honest, not sketching, not painting is not going to get you anywhere. At the suggestion of a friend, the past two days I've painted on cheap large roll paper. Yesterday and today are on here, enjoy, or laugh, make fun but always remember Santa is watching.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cats galore

So we had a decoy pregnant cat. Scroll back and see her mug shot.

Then we added one cat and now we have seven. Really.

We were given an additional cat to foster and wow, she was pregnant. Looked like a little goat. One week ago she had five babies. So here is a picture of the litter.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A conference a day keeps the grumpies away!

Deb Malesevich can organize a great conference! I think perhaps she might consider arranging the Olympics? Her dedication to this event and love for encouraging librarians, teachers and writers to convene for the good of children's growth in reading is outstanding!

This past weekend I attended the Northwest Wisconsin Children's Book Conference. One of the things which struck me is how inclusive the conference was. It was the first conference I've been to where the people speaking were seated right with you. Connecting over a nice meal, what could be better? It was fabulous! An unexpected bonus of fun and energy was meeting Katie McKy. If you want a dynamic presentation for your school check out Katie at:

Her ideas for teaching also follow this theme of inclusivity. Not a real word? It is now. I will be lobbying my school for Katie to visit. I think her presence might change the life of many children. Better than church, it livens the soul.

The conference in its entirety was fantastic. Great speakers! Great vendors and wonderful connections for all. I highly recommend this, so watch for it next fall in Cable, WI. Even if you are just tossing around the idea of writing for children, you will likely be pleasantly surprised.

Plus, if you get nothing else from the conference, the trees are at their peak. So you can go and peek at them, step outside, breathe deeply and viola, you are getting something to be grateful for. Oh, ending in a preposition is so, hmmmm.