Sunday, November 23, 2008

Love Beast with nice shoes

More sketches or sketchy sketches, that all depends.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Duck not stuck in the muck

I've been drawing. I think it is funny how parents say "use your words." I know I'm with a few copyright lawyers who would have a hard time with this. Different reasons though. The title of my drawing is "Get control of your words." Too bad for this character, she's still in the early stages of learning how to do it. She has to grab them as they come out or grab them as they come in. Who knows.
I've been sick but I think I'm getting to the bottom of it. Happy for that.


Yesterday, I met with Pam Boyd. Pam has started a business called the Reading Goddess. Her idea came from finding a way to start a business doing something she loves, reading. Her passion for reading carries over to her company's whimsical logo, wonderful array of gift products and Pam's spirit behind them.

She recently hosted a launch party to get feedback on her brand and product. This is a business woman to watch! The turnout for this event was mind boggling. Woman filled the space, buzzing about what was the hottest item and what they HAD to buy tonight.

As a part of Pam's concept she's included a foundation. A percentage of the proceeds from all of her sales will go to helping reading programs in Minnesota-for now! I suspect it is only a matter of time before she is serving literacy programs nation-wide and perhaps globally.

Visit the Reading Goddess website at

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drawing a blank

Seems when you have a good title you must blog. I was out of town this past weekend. It was supposed to be for an exorcism. Yes, you know, to raise the demons, to allow them to float out of the afflicted like a shoulder spasm might happen to a person of considerable age.

Yes, I know this is my professional writing/illustrator blog and I should be serious and only show the side of me which proves I am competent to work in this field, accurately and prolifically. Who says publishing houses aren't regularly doing exorcisms? I think we all might be better served if we knew what happened behind closed doors in publishing.

Well, see my demon is ever present. It wants to be seen and run the show. It wants to control my career. However, if you can't calm the demon, you will get demon work. This might not be so bad. I might be cast for the roll of drawing the evil twin or the nemesis in the story. Is it more fun to draw from the mind of the bad-guy? Someone once told me, "Maybe making art and being who you truly are artistically scares you." Maybe I am beginning to think they are on to something.

Thanks for reading......