Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Watercolor and skiing

I've been making a painting each time I'm up in Cable, WI. to visit our getaway place. I've attached two from January. With one more visit at the end of the month, I hope to branch out with color in the next one.

I've been skiing long distances this winter training for a race in the Twin Cities in Feb. Sadly, Sunday I skied half of the way I wanted and my boots overcame my feet. Went into the town I skied to and bought a new pair. Wish me luck next time I can ski the whole way! Even with the pain I still was able to keep a fairly good speed. Zoned out for about 5 of the kilometers-like you do when you drive. Pretty funny.

For all of you artists out there don't forget to add your art to the show at the Minneapolis Institute of Art-