Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peace Is Abundant 6-10

The images are on 30x40" canvas on a 3/4" stretcher bar. To see all of the images on one page visit www.amycernyvasterling.com Click on the Peace Is Abundant link. Six: “It’s about Time” a play on words characterizing our impatience as a culture, our desire to know when and how. These concepts are out of our control and when we allow them to fill in for us we find peace.
Seven: “People” In this color field the forms were used to create or “find” the people in the image. Its about the landscape of support, network, relationship, contrast and connection. "People"
Eight: “Let go” When we think about life we really could push more to be vibrant in a way of expression. My cousin Anne said to me, “When women get older they start to wear little things that are quirky. Her example was a pair of white shoes with neon green laces. Why not at every age? This painting is a reminder to express yourself, be yourself and come back to your truth because if you do, others will and that is big! "Let go"
Nine: “Connection” An ‘off’ palette of primary colors fills the connected circles. What appears to be a random line connects them. In the absence of free will we have absolute connection. In following our play we activate the connection, which stimulates synchronicity. "Connection"
Ten: “Articulate” Maybe this painting is more personal because it articulates its own meaning when I look at it. It is not spoken but a feeling, for me of calm, of something I know but doesn’t look like anything specific. I suspect I trust it will connect with others and ‘articulate’ for them also. "Articulate"
Please email me at amy@amycernyvasterling.com to get pricing on for the images. The canvases can be shipped for an extra charge in the United States and Internationally. Thanks, Amy

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Nina Crittenden said...

Ooh, I love "Connection!"
Beautiful paintings, Amy, proud of you for posting them all. Happy Painting!!!