Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Amazing Annie Young!

Hi all,

My friend Annie has the spirit of a visionary and in perfect contrast to this she is blind. She is a triathlete, artist and
marketeer for Costco in Brsvl. Tom might have the privilege of guiding Annie on the swim leg of a triathlon this
summer. She is highly competitive but seems like she will be well matched with Tom. It would be a great honor for Tom
and getting himself regularly into a pool would delight his personal training efforts and I suspect soul too.

Visit Annie's blog. She has a new painting called Big Heart~fabric of love. Her passion and execution compositionally is extraordinary. It appears that the heart is in motion based on her placement. The background speaks volumes about the
underpinnings and of love, sometimes including melancholy, bliss, desire, anger and many emotions that are encompassed
when love is applied to relationships as demonstrated with this heart is motion because, "Love" is a verb.

She also has a wonderfully layered image called "Life is a Journey". This piece clearly suggests we build a skin around
our journey, however if we peel behind that skin there are real feelings and experience which is the rich part of who we
truly are. That is something, very well done Annie!

Monday, March 14, 2011

BVAS Art Fete show Burnsville, MN

I have a piece at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center for the show "Art Fete". I was able to attend the opening with my friends Nina Victor Crittenden and Sharon and Dean Wagner. Sharon has a piece in the show too! You can see her image at this link......

I'm happy to report my piece sold on the opening night.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wendy and a book

Wendy is a friend of mine. She likes books. She likes to read them, edit them and alter them.

She's talented at anything books! Check out these altered art pieces.
She's prolific cranking these out overnight! Who knows what's next.........maybe she'll write a book!

I worked with her yesterday and created my own book. I'll be sharing parts of it soon!