Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peace Is Abundant Images 1-5

The images are on 30x40" canvas on a 3/4" stretcher bar. To see all of the images on one page visit www.amycernyvasterling.com Click on the Peace Is Abundant link. One: “Playful” This painting sets the tone to jump into many styles and ideas. I love color and using an ink line. I drew many sketches for the start of this project and this is one that made the cut. There is a lizard hiding at the bottom of the painting. Many of these first sketches were drawn while listening to live jazz music in St Louis, MO or Eagan, MN.
Two: “The Sea Waits” A painting about the simplicity of the sea but how in this time nature is watching us to see what unfolds. I think the sea waits and responds in proportion to us. For this painting using a large field of pink yields to the energy shift we are entering into feminine energy being the greater pull. 2 "The Sea Waits"
Three: “Watching Over You” This painting is about how perhaps there is not something so serious about life. That something greater watching over us is playful. The feather-like form tickles the nose on the power line eyes connected to a system of systems. I believe in life the answer is always in the contrast so I chose the main form (in orange) to be set against the large field of blue, its compliment and greatest contrast. 3 "Watching over you"
Four: “Jazz Music” Just as it sounds, the music flows out of the musicians instruments and hands and into my ear and out my pen. The image is vibrant like the music. 4 "Jazz Music"
Five: “This is how it works” In this logical world, we forget the physicality, which is made available to us. We can run, move, eat, laugh~loudly! So this is the blue print for play, an image with shape and composition to support our logical minds but movement and colors spice it up bringing the fun! 5 "This is how it works"
Please email me at amy@amycernyvasterling.com to get pricing on for the images. The canvases can be shipped for an extra charge in the United States and Internationally. Thanks, Amy

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