Sunday, October 21, 2012

Peace Is Abundant 16-20

The images are on 30x40" canvas on a 3/4" stretcher bar. To see all of the images on one page visit Click on the Peace Is Abundant link. Sixteen: “Mama” The textural confusion and beauty of motherhood and generational relationships which hold silent expectation of nurture and nourishment. However, many here today find themselves fleshing out a heaping helping of generational energy, working to shift so dramatically that the next generation is free from this history of the lie that we’ve carried for now centuries.
Seventeen: “Creating the sea horse first” Ok, so here was a BIG shift. For 20 years I’ve been using an eye dropper to make ink drawings on canvas and/or water color paper. I shot the ink out of the dropper and it created these very interesting patterns. Again, this is an image I kept to show the transformation. In this I was thinking about quantum physics, revealing the unseen~that there is energy which we can solicit that we can’t yet prove or see.
Eighteen: “In the Mystery” I understand that we have beliefs which when we surrender them we walk from the “myth” into the mystery. This is a time when nothing makes much sense. So we are stripped of that old belief and are learning to form a new belief in its place. In doing so we bump around and this can be lonely work. However, when clarity is shed on this process we have reached the “miracle” and this is pure bliss. Sometimes I tell myself “in hindsight this will all make a great deal of sense.” It reminds me to have perspective and stay focused on “What is”.
Nineteen: “Quantum Entanglement” The energy between the atoms which cannot be seen or proven. Here’s my vision of what the unseen looks like.
Twenty: “Time to Create, with a deliberate heart.” This painting reminds our inner child to express itself and create. No thought, using the heart to speak our truth which in trusting reminds us we are limitless. I placed the ink on the canvas and then went to hunt down a straw. After chatting with people during my search I found the ink had already dried in spots. Unlike many artists, I prefer limitation; it pushes my creativity farther, hands down! Pun INTENDED! This work feels partial to me, in a way it feels complete but partial. I am curious what work bridges to this piece to make it whole. I am no stranger to blowing in with a straw, when I first started doing ink drawings I often blew trees or other forms. This time I went above the ink and blew down onto it. Great result!
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