Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art Cow! Its time for an update!

Okay, in April, I found a studio in Lowertown St Paul. Its is fabulous. Here are pictures....
I am on the second floor (on this side of the building) but am actually on the first floor. That big window overlooks a courtyard where residents walk their dogs and flowers grow. On Kellogg Blvd while driving into downtown St Paul you can see my art sitting on my easel from the road! There is a theater above me, a canoe repair below me-"Urethane Wednesdays," come get high with me for free and a business who reproduces a famous photographers images from the turn of the century (the last one) HA! Being at a new space my senses are open to all of the sights and sounds. Here is an image I caught on my way to the parking lot. Dried mud! How lovely it is!
I really enjoy working away from home and have met some wonderful artists. It is the right community for me for sure! I am also working on a large body of work and will release more information in the coming weeks!