Monday, August 25, 2008

Walking on Egg Shells

This art is called "Gnomes." There are two gnomes in the image, find them and feel proud! The medium is dyed egg shells on masonite.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lots of lines!

This painting is called "Adoption of the ordinary cat". Of course, it is inspired from Jinx. I have yet to color it but I loved the idea of a woman on her front porch with the cat hugging her as if to say, "I'm home!" I've been into texture on houses, brick, siding, etc.. With the rug and railing it is a tad busy! I like how graphic it turned out. The other thing I can say is I've always struggled drawing people and this is the first person I've ever had turn out, so hooray for that! I'll post it once its colored.
Here is our pregnant girl, Jinx. Some irony in her name? We will see once the babies are born! She is a very loving and nice cat. Jinx is spunky and finding herself right at home. I've left the window open so she can have some fresh air. Last night I was working and she kept running across the room and jumping against the screen. Nope, she is not trying to escape but instead hunting bugs which taunt her by fluttering on the other side of the screen.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This week

I am working so hard I forgot to blog! Oh, it is just the opposite, shoot. I have been busy catching mice if that is any consolation?

I'm currently working on a painting titled "adoption" as we are fostering a pregnant cat and we will adopt some of her kittens, her, both? I am excited to have babies climbing the walls, our legs and whatever they can get their tiny claws into. Every time I tell the kids what kittens are like they giggle like crazy. Maybe I am embellishing? Poor kids when they learn the terror of having cats try to pounce on your every moving part.

I will post a picture of the painting as well as a pic of the cat pre-babies.

I just joined a local illustrator critique group. I am happy about having that connection and support. I am also working on an abstract oil painting. I will post it when it is complete.