Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peace Is Abundant Images 46-50

The images are on 30x40" canvas on a 3/4" stretcher bar. To see all of the images on one page visit Click on the Peace Is Abundant link. Forty-six: “Its about time II” I couldn’t help but name this one a name I already used. I laid down some ink and an army troop showed up, as well as a daring angel who was flying by and scooping up the death and hatred from the war. The Divine Feminine appears above the angel and a rocket appeared to the right of the troop. Miro says, “All of the information is there we are just the conduit to show it.” Here I feel like a full conduit. I picked up the inky canvas as I have done many times to move it so I could start another. It ran, WILDLY! I went with it rolling the ink like I did when I was first using ink 16 years before. It changed the image a bit but I can still see shreds of the before very recognizable images and the rolling ink naturally created a vanishing point.
Forty-seven: “Whispers” Somehow this seems like a very girlie and sneaky divine title, neither of those I am. Maybe it is named incorrectly? I wanted to name it “Out of the swamps” but when I saw the image on the computer it looked like the forms are floating up and are light.
Forty-eight: “Tracking Intersection” My friend Rich W. uses the word tracking, in response to if he’s tracking what I’m saying. He’s nice in that he doesn’t roll his eyes and cup his forehead with his hands while saying “You creatives are too much.” So my idea is that creatives and logicals only need to sync up on the grid where our lines meet.
Forty-nine: “Wild Flowers” I love this image. It is so free and it turned out great!
Fifty: “Still looking for something outside of ourselves” This is about a Native Peoples prediction that once a human went to the moon the earth will really suffer and the people of the land will isolate and become in a sense self destructive. I sat waiting for the content for this image to come. I saw one form and made it not trusting I would know the next form but right away I could see it. Perhaps to the left we have a rocket and to the right we have a planet or moon with stars beneath. What we are looking for is within us. I question if it is sensible to push “forward” In our extreme curiosity, spending oodles of money when there are people who need to eat and have other simple needs for their survival. I really don’t know but I wonder if we went to the moon not out of curiosity but out of fear.
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