Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peace Is Abundant images 41-45

The images are on 30x40" canvas on a 3/4" stretcher bar. To see all of the images on one page visit Click on the Peace Is Abundant link. Forty-one: “Beheld” This title is a play on words. To “behold” something has some level of awe. To “Be held” is about being loved and accepted. I like the eye in the image, that there also is vision in this image too. The forms that arc above the eye truly looked like angels when I set the ink down. I worked at bringing their forms out more fully. I like the metaphor that things are looking out for us and they take shape in whatever or however we need. It is what is unseen that I want to show, to expose it for its truth that we are not who we think we are. Shifting from proof to feeling is a coming necessary movement. With or without eyes we can see in a way we never activated or “realized” (saw with real eyes).
Forty-two: “The trees from another place” Using a hand sized rubber scrapper I pushed out the wide lines, creating the tree trunks. Then I blew the tops of the trees. Then I over-laid ink to create more contrast.
Forty-three: “Circus” Ink base on canvas with oil paint overlay. The colors move over the canvas inviting our eyes to play and dance about the forms that bubble out of the greater image. The dynamic colors and strokes suggest the risks taken at the circus, a flashy event bigger than humans or animals. In this image I see an elephant whose has a trunk lower than the canvas. Its eyes are strikes of brown parallel to one another and centered on the canvas. Find your own circus experience in this image.
Forty-four: “Music Vibration” I can’t help but say this has something to do with me Thinking about my sister Katie. She is through and through a musician, like our father she can make fun happen out of thin air! She can become in an instant a one person band and her nature draws others in effortlessly, they can’t help but want to be a part of what Katie creates. The more serious side of this image is that we know certain things about music but as I show here, where the vibration gets really expressive, our factual proof ceases and our “knowing” take over. Music has more power than we know and its vibration is timeless and more expansive than we comprehend.
Forty-five: “Sunflower” This image is simple and I don’t feel needs explanation.
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