Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peace Is Abundant Images 36-40

The images are on 30x40" canvas on a 3/4" stretcher bar. To see all of the images on one page visit Click on the Peace Is Abundant link. Thirty-six: “Blooming” The aggressive growth of spring. We can all relate to those times where everything aligns without effort. Its spontaneity and youthful vibrancy is apparent, “alive with movement”.
Thirty-seven: “The man in front of the museum” I saw this young guy who was walking in front of the science museum. The image of him stuck in my head. This is nothing like he looks but it almost is exactly who he is. He seemed scared and aged for the young man he is. Smoking recklessly, shoulders hunched, a large man, I feel I found who is inside.
Thirty-eight: “Mother Earth, what’s she worth?” All of the ink was placed and blown for this image. Her parts individually are lovely. Her whole is a little distressing. Her mouth is fragmented, her voice compromised.
Thirty-nine: “Connectivity” This image was really fun to create, especially swirling the ink while blowing through a straw. This one took shape without thought. Even the ink placement seems to have naturally created a strong composition. The canvas I’m using periodically leaves a line in the art. This appears on an earlier canvas and I tried to cover it but it still shows up. I am accepting this as part of the art.
Forty: “And the musician plays on” There is a musician down in the lower right-hand corner. What grows out of their expression is vast. Calm with no regard for any praise, just playing for the sake of self-expression and play.
Please email me at to get pricing on for the images. The canvases can be shipped for an extra charge in the United States and Internationally. Thanks, Amy

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