Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peace Is Abundant images 31-35

The images are on 30x40" canvas on a 3/4" stretcher bar. To see all of the images on one page visit Click on the Peace Is Abundant link. Thirty-one: “Overgrowth” I layered the inks, creating contrast. My brother in law once shared what he’s learned from a documentary, “If humans were no longer around, within three years the forest would take over”. The forest would hide homes, hide our life, silently decomposing our lifestyle and creating it all anew. This is the perfect example of the masculine and feminine in balance. The man destructs and the woman, creates new life.
Thirty-two: “This one grew alone” We are never alone. Although currently among people opening to awakening, there is a belief that unlike prior generations now healing needs to occur in the daily life vs. spending time in solitude. In this image it is a tribute to all who walk it alone among life full-blast and find their footing carefully at times on the edge of the cliff. Inspired results come from doing this work.
Thirty-three: “Five” This image is personal. It is a message in the wake of my dad’s passing. It represents his five children, my four siblings and me. Each tree could be any of us. Today I could be this one and tomorrow another. As siblings in any family we overlap. We reject in each other what we reject about ourselves. A friend told me in her family the each person is good at something different and this skill was always highlighted and shared with the other siblings. I love this and her parents for Knowing what they know.
Thirty-four “Metamorphosis” The ink arcs started out to look like diving forms. I pushed them further and they unfolded into these natural, growing forms. Could be a vine or a jellyfish. What I like is that the original ink arcs transformed melding into disguise in our natural world.
Thirty-five: “Spiritual Overlay” One of my teachers, Collin Tipping talks about spiritual overlay. I feel it is when you are ‘trying to look the part’ pretending or thinking you are taking the high road but instead avoid your own inner conflicts. This image illustrates that sentence, saying that when we force things to be a certain way we miss the spiritual experience, the peace, freedom and naturalness within it. We instead end in feeling a sense of lack vs. constructive and timely, natural growth and most importantly love.
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