Thursday, August 18, 2011


So when you stay up late because you have sooo many great projects on your plate. Then you ask for some down time to regenerate, it can come. It can come! I'm flowing through this week relaxing from my power-packed late nights and early risings from the two weeks before. I'll share one of my great article I wrote for the Robbin Gallery in Robbinsdale, MN. Maybe it didn't make the cut because I didn't see it in the newsletter, however, I'd like to share it here. Thanks for reading!

“Your Inner Art Career Search Engine”

This may sound a bit funny to you but I waited anxiously for my art career to come. I’m not sure, but I think many artists are no strangers to anxiety, which I define as the attachment to outcome.

I showed my art extensively, hoping to get a sale, hoping I’d be discovered! You know what? This all could have worked but my attitude stood in the way. I was positive but didn’t have the key to knowing how to let things really take hold. I didn’t know what I really wanted. I was lacking confidence. If you meet me, I’m a go-getter, dynamic and fun. The one key I lacked was BELIEF.

Unlike ‘faith’, belief is a personal rule. We set it for ourselves. Only we know our rules, which are formed by our desires. When we find excuses, blame and negativity seeping into our day, it’s time to shift gears and ask yourself what you want to experience in your life?

My advice? Live life expectant, responsive and know your belief to be true for you. Looking at everything as an opportunity creates excitement each day. I was at a conference in New York. My feet had blisters and I needed two band-aids. A few minutes later I walked out to the lobby and right there in front of me were two band-aids on the floor. Stunned I walked past them. Then as I got a little further I realized those two band-aids were for me. Now, you don’t need to think this through too hard to realize that I asked and I got what I needed. While I was busy judging this situation, a concept came to me and gave me a new way to look at things and at ‘mistakes’ too.

Somebody lost their band-aids. However, if we look at this from a different angle, maybe this person needed to ask for band-aids to learn how to ask for help or maybe they needed to learn about disappointment. They make the choice. They decide if they blame or get angry or choose to step beyond their fear and ask for help. I’ve seen my son learn about disappointment and what a gift for him to now be able to recognize disappointment without attachment, shift and ask for what he wants or needs. I wish this for my mystery band-aid person too. See, when we fill in our strengths with other’s weakness we are actually doing them a disservice. When we coach people through their weakness, now we are being responsive and expectant of their assured success.

Writing down what you want your life experience to be is powerful. Once you’ve done that, stick to your rule that “you get what you want and need.” When you find your thoughts to be negative, turn them to affirming what you DO want.

My personal shift was as simple as this: For 5 years I said to others, “My art career is coming”. April 2011 I started saying “My art career is here now.” I had nothing more than I did before but I kept believing it was here, feeling it inside, taking small actions each day to see it was true. Since then opportunity has come & the more I say “My art career is here now”, the more I notice my confidence soar and people stand up and take notice! What’s the difference? The first phrase, “My art career is coming” comes from a place of shame filled with “shoulds.” It should come soon, I should make money, I promise, I’ll sell something soon, etc. Unknowingly, I was draining myself of worth each time I said it!

Get noticed for your infectious, confident self! Starting today, write down what you want your life experiences to be and what you need to do to make your art be its fullest. Keep reminding yourself its here now, feel it and live it. You’ll see a change in how others receive you. You know what? This is what we want. We want to be connected to and inspire others, because all of us know, that brings everything else we want. Have fun setting your life up just the way you want it and don’t judge the how. Think of my band-aids!

Amy Cerny Vasterling


Holly said...

If your article "didn't make the cut"...well that is truly a shame. Your "Art"icle was sensational and spoke to me on multiple levels! I can't believe how many times I have told others that "My art career is coming", or "I am working on it". Well, because of you and your "didn't make the cut" "Art"icle...I can proudly and confidently say that "MY ART CAREER IS HERE"!!!! From one artist to another...YOU ROCK!!! You are an amazing artist and inspiration!!! Thank you!!!

Nina Crittenden said...

I agree with Holly. You do rock, Amy! As an artist AND a person!!!