Saturday, August 28, 2010

I got the good call today

The State Fair called this Saturday Afternoon to share my art has sold and there is no need to pick it up at the end! Very nice on both accounts. I got some painting time in this week which is like getting oranges in the winter in the 1850's! Felt so great and I am working on color studies with my ink and oil style which is fun!

On another happy note, Jan and I were at Eagan's Market Fest on Wednesday and we got a lot of feedback! I also had a group of women look at the product and got even more feedback. She's taken the data and now we are shifting gears to focus for the next survey experience.

My sister Katie is working on an entrepreneurial venture as well and things are ramping up for her. I worked at bit Friday and this weekend on some graphics for her. I am proud of her and can see a bright future within this venture as things are taking off quickly for her already!

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