Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm going to Ghana!

I have my ticket, I almost have my first set of shots. I will apply for my visa and voila I will be off! July 5th to be exact.

On the business side I will be meeting artisans, learning about resources for products and gaining perspective to create a design initiative for entrepreneur #2's project. I will take ample pictures and post some on my blog. We will travel Ghana seeking a variety of samples and head to areas known for their craft.

I am very grateful to be working on this project and going to Ghana is just a small part of how wonderful it is to work with this entrepreneur.


Sharon Wagner said...

How exciting!

Nina Crittenden said...

Very cool, Amy (except the shots)! Thanks for all this great info you have been posting! You'll do great in Ghana, but Minnesota will miss you!