Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's going on

Maybe I should say what I am doing so I have offered a starting spot. I am working with two different entrepreneurs. I call them entrepreneur #1 and #2. These projects flow together in a mysteriously wonderful way. I am amazed with such vastly different projects parallels seem to constantly intertwine allowing me to learn something from one and bring it to the other and vice versa. I am in awe of how I now see these projects as they come forward into a more clear light.

Attending the National Stationery Show I can now see the scope of entrepreneur #1's project and I am thrilled to work on such a forward concept and have the chance to showcase my art as a way to help the product sell. #2's project is also growing daily. I was fortunate to see a prototype today and what a catalyst it is for this project's beginnings. I will in one week be creating a design plan for products created in Thailand for entrepreneur #2. I am not kidding! I feel very fortunate to have both opportunities and I am bursting with excitement.

I hope this helps to establish a base for my posts going forward.


Sharon Wagner said...

Glad to hear you learned so much. The entrepreneurs sound so mysterious!

Amy Cerny Vasterling said...

Sharon, they sound mysterious because their projects are confidential.....ok, they are mysterious because of the way these two people command their lives. It amazes me their connections and intuition, it is a great gift to work with them.