Thursday, October 23, 2008

Three coins in the fountain

I feel guilt about being a cat heavy blog. Here's a side view, yes, she's a biggin!

I've been lacking creativity. Let's be honest, not sketching, not painting is not going to get you anywhere. At the suggestion of a friend, the past two days I've painted on cheap large roll paper. Yesterday and today are on here, enjoy, or laugh, make fun but always remember Santa is watching.


Nina said...

I just hear Steve Martin singing that song and it cracks me up! Love that Olive- she's a chunk of burning love!

Mical said...

Oh Olive dear, oh olive dear (Yes, I sing in tune). . . You are the cutest olive dear. You probly fart like a gringo gone Mexicaaaahn
You probably kiss like . . .

Oh brother, I can't rhyme at 11:23 pm. Who am I kidding. I can't rhyme at any time of day.

Love the roll of paper pics. Keep tearing up the paper! Looks great!

Gonna be writing all weekend meself. Yup. Just writing and writing. Hmmmm mmmm. Not scared at all. Nope.

Mical Hutson said...

I had the good sense not to mention this for the past few blog visit, but since I'm still thinking it, I guess I might as well blurt it out . . . or should I? I mean, you just did an illustration called USE YOUR WORDS. Oh, what the hay. The middle illustration is so heavily phallic, I can't see past that.