Thursday, January 19, 2012

My studio is updated!

More space, less clutter!!!!! I love it, I updated my studio and yay it looks and feels great!

I went to the Weissman with my mom last week. There is a collaborative exhibit called
"sympathies". Drop everything and go. Here's a link to take a peek....

I'm headed to the MIA to see the Pop-up Park next week! Can't wait.

Then the week after I've got plans for a semi-annual visit to the Northern Clay Center.
Love the work I see there, it is always a visuals candy store!!!

Otherwise, I'm working on a commission for 4 paintings. Life is good
in the studio of Amy. My son was writing poetry, while his sister painted
a portrait of him as I worked on my commissioned art. Kinda artsy, kinda cute!

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