Monday, June 6, 2011

A Grand Old Day

My friend Rachel sent me a message and asked if I had a "Grand Old Day". I think that was pretty funny. It was a sunny, breezy perfect day to spend outside. I made some contacts, people had great things to say about my art. Sales were little but praise is payment! Tom spent the day with me and that was something also.

I have a show at Taste of Scandinavia (in the Northern Suburbs of St Paul) and this piece sold today. Thanks Taste of Scan. for hosting me at your location! Great exposure and I feel a right on match to my art. The purchasers said they wanted it because it reminds them of one of their grandchildren and also, it will daily remind them to stay young and take life lightly and with humor. What a wonderful thing for them to share with me. It makes me feel great to see my art find homes with people who can feel it inside!


Anonymous said...

What a great comment about the art from the grandparents. You're a cool artist, lady!

Amy Cerny Vasterling said...

Thanks Amy!