Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Painting, for the sake of painting, art sale....Friday May 14th 4-8pm

I am having an art sale Friday May 14th 4-8pm (or later if you hang around to drink Tom's home brew.) Be enchanted at 3875 Denmark Avenue Eagan, MN 55123 by lots of art! All of the paintings posted are warm ups, color studies and fine art/illustration. They are mixed media and oil paintings.

Prices and dimensions are listed with each image. All paintings (Larger than 20x20) are signed and dated and have been photographed so there is a chance some of these images will go to market for licensing. Wouldn't it be cool if you held the original painting for something you later see at Target? You'd take all of your friends to your house and Target to show them! WOW!!!! Join in the fun and get some original art for a reasonable price AND helping me get more canvas!

As an added bonus, two frame shops offered 20% off to frame my art at their shop! I suspect if you bring in other art they will frame those at 20% off too! WOW. One is in Eagan and one in Minneapolis. I will have coupons to give to you upon purchase.

For questions or if you want to pre-purchase any painting please email me at or call 612-791-3001.

I will be adding art so check back. I will add the art to this same post so watch for new arrivals up until the day of the sale!


4 Flowers 30x40" $125 *Sold*

Cliff Diving 24x20" $75

Woman with cat 8x10" $35

Girl with Graphics 48x24" $100

Red Dog 12x12" $40 *Sold*

Elephants 16x20" $60 *Sold*

Elephant and Emus 16x20" $60

Color Study 12x12" $35 (there are several of these)

Circus 36x24" $300

Circles 30x40" $150

Blue Dog 16x20" (There are many 16x20" for sale) $60

Bike Club 30x40" $250 *Sold*

Bears Bang Bongos 16x20" $60

Yellow Flowers 24x36 $65 *Sold*

Women's Toast 24x36" $100

Woman with hands on hips 24x48 $125

Wild Child 30 x 40 1/2" $225

Whale 8x10" (canvas board) $15

Squirrels in Hot Air Balloons 30x40" $125

Sleepless Tonight 30x40 $780 (Framed) Headed to the MN State Fair Fine Art Juried Show! And it was accepted to the show!

Shooting orange from blue 24x48 $100

Red 24x36" $50

Yellow ink House 24x48" $125

Pink Trees 24x36" $100 *SOLD*

Abstract with oil crayon 24x36" $75

Party of Jays 24x36" $125

White Faced Woman 12x48" $350

Moon 8x10" $25

Ladder Abstract 24x30" $75

Farm with Pink Trees 30x40" $150

Angel 24x30 $125

Mom and Daughter 24x48" $100

Blue Cottonwood 30x40" $150

Funny Guys 24x36" $200

Blue Trees 24x36" $100

Black Cat 24x36" $125 *Sold*

Adirondack Chairs 8x10 $25 *Sold*

Abstract 11x14 (on Canvas board) $50

Pigs in the Mud 30x40" $150


Amanda said...

Hmmm....there are several that I want. Decisions, decisions...I really like Yellow Flower.
I'll be at your art sale, can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea, Amy! If I can stop by at that time, I will!

don't avoid writing said...

Heck yeah! An Amy Art Sale! I want Moon, Yellow Ink House and Sleepless Night please. What? I need money? What? --pulling my empty pockets inside out.(this is where it gets tricky with my photography too sometimes . . . supposedly artists don't need to eat, right?) Good luck, Amy! Sell! Sell! Sell!! How exciting!

Sharon Wagner said...

Fun stuff! I gave you a heads up on facebook yesterday. Good luck and maybe I'll see you there.