Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Birkebeiner

On a personal note I am excited about the Birkebeiner race in Hayward WI. It is a grueling 50+ Km race through hilly terrain. However, for all of you visual people I think this is too cool! Check it out, you can see the race course from a sky view. Very nice, especially if you are considering doing the race, then you can figure out where all of the food stops are, oh and big hills.

Anyone interested?


Anonymous said...

I dunno, Amy. I only run if it's after an ice cream truck.

Amy Cerny Vasterling said...

I only run when chased. However, I ski and my Motto is "I ski UP the hills". Perhaps you will wait at the finish line with the entire ice cream truck? Be a dear and grab me another dove ice cream bar?