Monday, February 2, 2009


*I purposely misspelled Fischer. "Mr. Peanut hates the Fischer Nut Company.
Mrs. Peanut understands."

I am switching gears and I am only in first gear right now. I hope to crank it up to third gear by mid Feb! I am focusing my energy on the stationery market. I feel it calling me and I am ready to jump back in but this time a little differently. I am working on a portfolio to take to the National Stationery Show and Surtex

Can't wait to network and see what this market is all about from a larger sense. Of course with my business Stick Together Designs ( I learned a bit about manufacturing and selling. This time I am interested in licensing. I am reading the Licensing Business Handbook by Karen Raugust. It is interesting to see who makes what and how it works. I hope to be a part of the who makes what and how it works, soon.


Nina Crittenden said...

Good luck with the stationary market- so exciting! Your drawing reminded me of a good peanut joke:
Two peanuts were walking down the road. One of them was a salted.
(it is better if you read it out loud!)

Sharon Wagner said...

The eye dropper art is really cool. Can't wait to see more...on stationary perhaps? Glad you liked my locks. How interesting that your Mom collects them. Are you still in a spin?

Amy Cerny Vasterling said...

Nina, you are NUTS! Get it? Love the joke, thanks for the well wishing!