Monday, December 29, 2008

A tribute to Our Sacred Circle

Lets ski, lets be free. Me knows how to see thee. I see it up, I see it down, I see a bog about a town. The flavor is sweet and snowy. Lets now meet there in this town. It is a wonder to behold, bog and all.

I can see. I can see something I would not have otherwise seen, if not for thanking 6 people. I told them how grateful I am for all of them. I then understood our link. It was a need for me. I fulfilled this simple need and look at what I got! They say you loose your friends when you stop growing with them. We stopped growing-this group. I never felt badly about this it was just what it was-I feel good that I knew that too.

For a moment I understand where I am. I cannot see everything like those plateaus we periodically stand upon where we can see everything clear as a bell, where it all makes sense. This is a mini enlightenment, however, it is big bliss.

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Nina Crittenden said...

Happy Big Bliss to you!