Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hang on because here we go

I've changed the title of this post three times now. Perhaps I am feeling a bit indecisive. I think this speaks for my all around condition. I've had a halt on the career for a moment with school going back into session.

The good thing about this is it helped me to realize I had very little personal time this summer. This past weekend I focused on refueling. I got out of the house twice with other adults. Gathered the neighborhood kids and played at our local park-we played for three hours!

I sense when I try to think of what I really want to say I am falling short. I have many things floating about in my head. Let's hope these floaties make it to shore and become the seeds of ideas, passion and concepts that take root.


Nina said...

"All Signs Point to Yes!"
- The Magic 8 Ball
I can't wait to hear what you have up your sleeve!

Jennifer Gladen said...

Hey I thought I was the only indecisive one. Or...maybe not. Hmmm. Oh well. :)

Mical said...

Only you can say so perfectly, so well, something that you can't say. Leave it to Amy!