Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Have you ever sat and thought about words? I know some people do because there are all of these people called writers AND I sometimes see forwarded emails which reflect specifically on words. Generally it is to poke fun at something.

I caution those of you in the front row of the audience, please schooch back a hair so there is room for my cape to swirl about-thanks.


This word looks like its definition. Plus, I am a little skeptical of the "liar" part because things which are pecu sound much like "pick you" gym class, innocent flowers, noses. All connotations I don't want bobbing around my brain. Add that with liar and it all feels bad.

Shall we lighten this word up a bit? I strive everyday to be unique. There is always some random way to make anything wonderful and perfect, it is just finding it, seeing it, being the one who recognizes beauty among slobbery. There have been many slobberies at my house, the police were no help at all. Couldn't even find the perpetrator(s).

So today, be distinctive, exclusive, unique, particular, special. Pretend you are a walking boutique with eclectic things to share. Then you can be peculiar, in a good way.

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Nina said...

I will try to use my powers of peculiarity for goodness, not badness. Your boutique analogy was really cool.