Saturday, May 31, 2008

What today was about.

Today I played peek in the piles on my desk and do work based on what was found first. I found supplies to make a necklace and worked on that for a bit. I am lucky my husband understands my art process and overlooks the shameless amount of playtime necessary to fuel my creativity. Seems I alternate between beading and textile oriented forms of creativity. I just made a quilt for my son, Peter. He must fall from my gene pool because he is crazy about the quilt.

The kids and I went to the library today and found many books illustrated by Harry Bliss! Yay, fun, fun, fun. I did a puppet show for them crouching below a chair with a zebra on one hand and a frog on the other. The kids were laughing so loudly I made my mean mom eyes and told them we have to leave the library. They laughed harder.

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Nina said...

Glad you started this blog- looking forward to hearing what tomorrow will be about! :)